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"I wish I had scissors that I could use to cut the seam allowance directly!"

Sabine Neuland

Sometimes you just have to express wishes in front of the right people. In this case, my mother expressed her wish in front of my grandfather, the inventor in our family. And so the wish became the idea for a cutting aid. And within a few days the first prototype. This was used to tailor and test, change and adapt.

And when everything fitted, the cutting aid was given its name: my grandfather's. After KARL had met with great enthusiasm in the sewing scene, the cutting aid for the rotary cutter followed a short time later.

With KARL & KARLCHEN, patterns can be cut directly with seam allowances - simply click the magnet on the scissors or rotary cutter and off you go!

"It's unbelievable what can come from an idea!"

Moritz Neuland

Idea, planning and implementation - I have followed the development of the company with great interest from the very beginning. And the success is not lacking: Our cutting aids have established themselves on the sewing market and gained a large fan base. After 5 years, another idea grew: The next generation should continue the history of EinfachKarl and secure the future of KARL & KARLCHEN.

Quality has its price

We have invested a lot of time and passion in our product. KARL & KARLCHEN are lovingly handcrafted in Germany. We deliberately chose a durable and stable material that can last a tailor's entire life!